Scott Aho

Scott Aho

Polaroid portrait of Elvistravaganza curators,
Marlow Harris and Jo David, taken years ago...

Years ago at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival, there was an art installation photo opportunity setting by Scott Aho in the courtyard of the Northwest Rooms. Scott was taking Polaroids of festival attendees in front of his installation, where he had set up a 2D cardboard Elvis cutout, with a real guitar, mannequin arm and necklace. He also had a cutout replica of the Science Center arches behind Elvis. In the background, looking south is the real Space Needle over the roof of the Colosseum, now called the Key Arena. 

Marlow & Jo decided they had to bring Elvis back to Bumbershoot this year
for the biggest dang ELVISTRAVAGANZA celebration ever!

  •  Marlow and Jo David actually met at Bumbershoot
on Labor Day many years ago...

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